Smart laundry: Tips to save energy, water and money

Following up on latest consumer research studies, 2 out of 10 Europeans still do not fully load their washing machine and, only a bit more than half of the consumers (57%) claim they add the correct amount of detergent (A.I.S.E., 2017).

Moreover, 30% of Europeans still do not follow the textile care instructions, but 80% admit they would not buy clothes without any labels (GINETEX 2017).

In response to the lack of information among consumers, 3 associations (A.I.S.E., APPLiA and GINETEX), each one representing a different sector (detergents, home appliances and textiles), outlined the most important tips for a sustainable use of washing machines.

The short and clear list of tips underlines the need to pay attention to the energy class when choosing an appliance, advises to wash clothes at a low temperature, load machines appropriately, pay attention to textile care labels, use the right dosage of detergent and a lot more.

The list of consumer tips is available in this link