Recycled WEEE with quality certification

The creation of new products from recycled materials is a demanding process that requires high-level expertise and collaboration across the industry and local authorities. From the waste collection to the design and the distribution of new products, a constant control during the whole process assures their quality.

Having the know-how, Coolrec is doing a great job in the recovery of old household appliances, with the cooperation of the home appliance industry. Various materials such as iron, aluminium, copper, precious metals and plastics are recycled to bring into a new life, products like vacuum cleaners and coffee machines. What is more, smaller spare parts of household appliances are recycled, preventing any waste from leaking into the environment.

What makes the difference in Coolrec is the maintenance of high qualitative standards. Is it feasible? Certainly. Obtaining the WEEELABEX (Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment LABel of Excellence) certification, reassures the utilisation of excellent WEEE facilities that comply with the regulatory standards.

Under the umbrella of the Renewi alliance, Coolrec is one more success story towards the Circular Society.