How can your new boiler reduce your energy bills?

Home appliances tend to be more and more environmentally friendly over time. Constant improvements on appliances have been making them much more energy efficient and sustainable. Moreover, they can contribute to cut down on your expenses.

Boilers have become much more efficient

One relevant example of an energy efficient appliance are boilers which control the heating of your house and your water. Heating accounts for nearly 60% of your total energy consumption, shows Energy Saving Trust. A latest technology boiler (A-rated) is 90% more energy efficient than the previous ones, ensuring the most appropriate temperature at the best time, further adds the Consumer Reports organisation. As a result, your bills can be radically cut, and you can contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Water heating becomes easier

Has water heating process become much faster? It’s a fact that in some seconds, you can have warm water without spending much energy and time. Apart from this, the more efficient your boiler is, the less water you spend.

Innovation: What comes next?

Heating and cooling systems can have a very promising future for energy savings. For instance, a new smart energy control system, combined with an electrically driven hybrid heat pumpand a second heater (boiler) provide the most efficient heating and cooling of buildings. 

More concretely, when the electricity demand is high, the heating system can switch from the heat pump to the boiler. In doing so, they enable a higher share of renewable electricity, while limiting the costs of upgrading the grid to accommodate a high share of variable renewable sources.

These examples prove that sustainability starts firstly at home. With the best policy solutions, innovation in home appliances can play a significant role in energy efficiency.