Why to buy it? Just borrow it!

You just need them, but not for a lifetime! Many objects are very useful, but you may not need to use them for more than one-two times. Or once per year. You spend enormous sums of money to obtain them, but they end up in your loft or your basement, occupying space.

This is a common… headache for habitants who move for a short-term period to another city. Brussels is a destination for plenty of those short-term employees. Their needs vary, and it's quite common for them to search for household or leisure equipment. 

What if someone could simply borrow these objects? Things wouldn’t have been so complicated. An example of real sharing economy takes place in the heart of Brussels, showing a friendlier aspect of the institution-based European capital.

Usitoo is an initiative that brings practical solutions for those who need different kinds of objects such as kitchen, leisure, sports equipment and many other products. A library of thousands of objects is available close to your house.

For how long can you use them? For as much as you want! For one day, one week or a month. 

Save your money, think about sustainability. Circular Society starts from all of us.