Furniture from recycled plastics? It's possible!

Plastic waste is increasing all around the world, attracting more and more the attention of national authorities, environmental organisations and industries. The prevention of plastics from ending up in the environment becomes one of the top priorities of regulators, as well as the public demands more action.

But in order to tackle this issue, shouldn’t action start firstly from ourselves? This was the idea behind Plastic Whale that made real a very challenging project, which required the collection of plastic waste from the canals of Amsterdam. The aim of the initiative was to use the recycled plastic and to use it for the production of long life products.

And the result? Impressive! Inspired from the shape of whales, they designed modern furniture like tables, chairs and lamps, made just of plastic bottles fished in the canals, proving that when it comes to circularity of plastics... sky is the limit!

Stop talking, let’s start doing! That’s the moto of Plastic Whale that aims to expand its message all around the world.