E-Waste Day: A new opportunity for circularity

On October 13, a newly established International Day for Electronic Waste will be held, proving that the issue of the correct disposal of electrical and electronic equipment is being spread all around the world. According to  WEEE Forum, 50 million tonnes of e-waste will be generated globally in 2018. Despite the increase of circular initiatives, what needs a real change is the mindset of societies. 

On the occasion of this day and taking into consideration the above mentioned estimations, it is important to emphasise on the following messages:

Be part of the solution

As consumers, we all share our responsibilities. What happens to our old computer after using it, to our intensely used washing machine we currently want to discard, even to our previous smartphone – all are issues that should concern us, after replacing our old devices. As consumers, we should not be observers but leaders of the transition towards circularity. Inform yourself, ask your local authority where you can dispose your old equipment - in every community there is a point or a service which can help you.

It’s not waste!

The different components of a device (plastic, steel, iron, etc.) are extremely valuable, because they can be recovered. Despite the process of recycling may seem complex from a consumer point of view, it is a fact that every material is possible to be reused. These components can give life to new products. In this regard, nothing is wasted.

Buy smartly 

As consumers, we need to be certain about the quality of the products we buy. Energy efficiency and good functionality of electrical equipment should be important criteria for our decisions. Reduce energy consumption and waste simply by doing proper choices.

The difference of the Circular Society concept is that it starts from us. What we need is just a behavior shift. Are we willing to do it?