The aim to reduce waste and ensure a full circularity of the economy goes beyond what economic actors alone can do: it embraces all our society and is a societal challenge.

In effect, we need a circular society approach to ensure a circular economy. 

But how to achieve it?


Home appliances have a role


Appliances have a direct connection with our basic needs: conserving, processing and cooking food, keeping houses warm in winter and cool during summer, helping with washing, drying and ironing of clothes, washing our dishes. 

Sustainability starts at home


Home appliances are closely connected with the personal well-being and with the surrounding environment of the home. Manufacturers are constantly improving products to maintain this added value that enriches the lives of all society.

Circular from the outset


The sector has continuously provided a significant contribution through designing and manufacturing innovative products that cut resource use, especially energy and water, save labour as well as time and money, as well as reducing waste. 

A glimpse into the circularity of home appliances, based on facts.

What if...  all EU households had a dishwasher?


Analysis shows that significant savings in terms of energy and water consumption can be made by increasing the penetration rate of dishwashers within European homes. 


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